Identity Thief (2013)

Identity Thief

RB score:3/10

So two things are happening here, i am reviewing a recent box office movie and it is a less than stellar cinematic journey such that this review has to be approached in a different way.  Rather than detail the plot here, see the movie’s Wiki page for an overview.  You can also read the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes and appreciate that critics liked the casting and performances but reviled the movie itself.

What exactly did happen here?  There are two solid lead actors and a solid supporting cast, and a very intriguing premise.  Endless physical comedy.  Constant quips, one-liners, fast paced banter, and raunchy scenes.  This latter especially along with language ensured the “R” rating and if selected for a family movie night, it will keep younger viewers enthralled with the novelty of it all while parents of kids too young for this material can easily come up with alternate age-appropriate explanations for some of these scenes. Or fast-forward, or distract them for a few seconds here and there. (Interestingly, that concept itself is highlighted in the movie’s final sequence.)  Plus there are sinister characters who play more comic – another one of the movie’s few strengths.  However, the premise, cast, and good moments are weighed down by a script so needlessly convoluted, improbable and lazy that the overall effect is like watching someone paint a wall lying down.  Writers should have been forced to their feet and told to reach up, work harder and cover the surface evenly.