The Internship (2013)

RB score:  8/10

“The Internship” is much more enjoyable than you might expect from the lukewarm reception it received among the critic ranks.   The most common and obvious complaint is that the movie is a feature length advertisement for Google, or a Google recruiting film.  And my response to that is on the level of, “And so?”   The movie is nevertheless fun to watch.

Mind you- I was not drawn to the film for the A-list actor pairing of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.    “Wedding Crashers” put me to sleep so fast it was impossible to review.  However, in “The Internship” their performance sings,  playing off one another perfectly as middle aged traditional salesmen who find themselves abruptly unemployed after their company folds without warning.   Some might no doubt find the plot to be formulaic.   I don’t mind that either so long as the formula works.   The plot points  leading them to try out for Google internships are done well for the most part and when they arrive at Google headquarters, competing for coveted permanent positions with dozens of talented people half their age,  the film really takes off.

In the script you will find, depending on your outlook, either cliches or familiar themes.   In many ways this is really a summer camp movie, (with all the usual personality types you expect to encounter)  in an age of delayed adolescence in a tech-savvy world.  I’m landing on the side of “themes”  because I found the treatment of the themes satisfying as well as the overall construction.    There are some good messages on teamwork, diversity and team building, played comic, not in a heavy handed sense.  The summer camp aspect takes us away from cabins in the woods, to indoor accommodations at a corporate setting.   I would have liked to see some more development, but it didn’t hamper enjoyment of the movie. You’ve also probably picked up on the fact that this is also a well-played ensemble piece.   RB is endlessly fascinated by good comedy ensembles, and each performer in this one sparkles.  Seriously.  Every member of the supporting cast holds your attention.   Note to Owen Wilson:  this is the last time you can credibly pursue the 20something girl.

If you find the basic plot appealing, and/or enjoy Wilson and Vaughn together, you can’t go wrong with this one.  8/10 only because the writing, or perhaps editing, was a bit draggy in places.


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