Kate and Leopold (2001)

In honor of:  Paul’s Blogathon

Meg Ryan’s appearances with Tom Hanks, have been cherished by audiences and have become classics.  “Kate and Leopold” pairs Meg with Hugh Jackman and together they create a chemistry that’s reminiscent of Hanks-Ryan magic… yet unique, because just as Leopold is a nobleman, the respect and affection between he and Kate is something from the pages of history and transcribed onto modern Manhattan.


Leopold is the Duke of Albany, the Lord Mountbattan, caught in 1876 between his own scientific innovations and the pressures from his family to marry someone he doesn’t love.  He crosses paths at the Brooklyn Bridge with the modern day scientist Stuart, played by Liev Schreiber, the ex-boyfriend of Kate and a somewhat acerbic but brilliant personality, and both men accidentally stumble on a time portal that lands Leopold in the present day.  Leopold gallantly takes on the obstacles in front of him by gallantly taking on the personalities – not only Kate and Stuart, but Kate’s brother Charlie (Breckin Meyer) an out-of-work actor who frequents Kate’s apartment.

This is a time travel story so it’s not all slice of life, it’s partly science fiction.  More importantly it’s about the emotions that have connected people, torn apart others, and cemented relationships that were meant to be.   The reason that all of the Ryan/Hanks vehicles work so well is that the audience is drawn into the emotional relationships between the leads.   When Meg Ryan’s Kate climbs through the window of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment she once again effortlessly draws you into her world.


The romantic ideal is improbable, if not impossible.  For the many of us who are content to let cinema show the way to what could be possible, still improbable, the vast majority of romcoms will suffice.  If you are bound and determined on idealizing the impossible because real life has proved to be too painful, dive right in to a movie that brings in time travel with its romantic elements because what you feel now and what you have always felt in your life defy time and convention anyway.

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